what’s a receipt?

Remember that wooden recipe box we wrote about in our very first post? The one filled with recipe cards filled out with the favorite recipes of Kathy’s friends and co-workers?

We’ve got plans for that box.

With the many different concepts we played with in creating newdeal kitchen, one thing has remained consistent: coming up with a way to share the recipes which were gifted to us that was a bit different than what you may be used to seeing on most food blogs. We couldn’t find a format which suited us, so our plans stalled.

Then, on Kathy’s suggestion, Michael enrolled at Bauman College to take their Natural Chef Training Course. Part of the curriculum includes a module on converting a recipe taken from a popular processed food snack to a recipe using the Eating for Health® model taught at Bauman College. Briefly stated, Eating for Health® emphasizes choosing seasonal, organic (when possible), unprocessed, and local foods, and preparing them in healthy ways.

Michael had so much fun completing that module; he also got a very good grade. (And graduated with honors from the course!) That set us to thinking: we could take the recipes we received as a wedding gift and convert them into healthy eating recipes as well. Fun enough, but how do we make them even more unique?

By calling them receipts.

“Receipts” are what recipes used to be called; Michael’s step-grandfather loved to talk about the “receipts” he used to create family meals. Both words were once used to describe medicine, specifically a prescription to be compounded and then taken.

It seems like the perfect name to describe what we’re going to create–prescriptions to eat healthier food, based on great recipes given with love.

With a newdeal kitchen receipt, food can be the most delicious medicine.






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