the cookie diaries, day seven

The story so far: Mike is keeping a running diary of his holiday cookie efforts. Right now, he’s on a mission to create a vegan, gluten-free holiday cookie receipt that emulates his traditional receipt. Today in the cookie diaries: Vegan Batch #06.

Let’s head straight for Mike’s notes:

“Vegan Batch #06: Made with ingredients and procedure of working receipt, just as confirmation that THIS is the receipt.

“The oven has been set to 375º. Confirmed!

“Dough is resting comfortably. Worked together very nicely.

“I took a lot more care with shaping the balls of dough, trying to make sure they had the right balance of chocolate pieces and not too many chunks of peppermint candy. The dough handled very well, and now’s the time to put on the crushed peppermint candy topping and then put it in the oven.

“I also took greater care in placing the pieces of crushed peppermint candy on top of the cookies. I placed the big chunks directly on top where they could be seen. I also tried to make sure there was some of the red striping on each cookie. Finally, I sprinkled some of the candy dust on the cookies.

“This batch yielded 11 normal-sized cookies and one slightly smaller squib (which got extra peppermint pieces as compensation).

“They’re in the oven now. All appendages crossed.

The low, artsy view of the finished cookies. Note how the peppermint candy melts into the crust.

“Out of the oven, they look and smell great. The toothpick test confirms they are DONE. Now to let them cool…

“Five minutes cool, and they are very good. Not too sweet, not too strong on the peppermint or the chocolate. It’s moist and chewy, not grainy; the peppermint pieces give it a little crunch factor.

“Kathy the Chief Taster has already eaten three as of the morning after. I guess she likes them.

“I’ll be taking this batch to work tomorrow, making my vegan co-worker (and my boss) very happy.

“THIS is the vegan, gluten-free holiday cookie receipt I’ve been looking for.

“Now it’s production time. I have 42 traditional cookies to bake and pack for shipment by Friday.

“We’re just getting started.”


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