renewal, part three point three: here’s our promise

So far in this series of “renewal” posts, we’ve told you about renewing our commitment to this blog; about our move, downsizing from a two-bedroom to a one-bedroom apartment, and all the challenges of moving (and downsizing); about our new kitchen, with its advantages and challenges; and about our kitchenalia, which we now display proudly on the butcher block that stands just outside the kitchen.

There is another, deeper sense of renewal that goes with all of this. One of the things that got packed first—and was among one of the last things that got unpacked—was the recipe box given to us by Kathy’s friends and co-workers, now over 10 years ago, filled with the recipes they gifted to us. These recipes still await to be converted into receipts—newdeal kitchen specialties created using the foods and techniques in Bauman College’s “Eating for Health” model.

We’ve added more recipes to the box to convert, plus we have that treasure trove of Kathy’s mom’s original recipes to explore. We are renewing our commitment to create healthy, tasty receipts that everyone will love.

We’re also renewing our other areas of interest. For example: Kathy discovered recently that her original diagnosis of collagenous colitis was incorrect. Kathy still has gastrointestinal issues…but doesn’t know what she has. So our personal stories with food will also have this sense of renewal.

Finally, we’re renewing our commitment to provide you with other products which enhance the newdeal kitchen brand and give you something tangible to engage with. An entire book of newdeal kitchen receipts? A collection of aprons with original designs on them? Maybe our own contribution to kitchenalia? Even some kind of food product, such as a spice mix? We’re thinking about those and more. Let the renewal begin.