what’s your niche?

As we agonized over whether or not to even write this blog, we did a lot of research about blogging and marketing and social media, and one of the insights that was hammered into us over and over again is that you had to have a niche – a slice of the enormous audience of the Internet who craved the solution to a problem they didn’t even know they had…until you (and only you) not only described the problem, but came up with a solution.

Some of the examples of “niches” can be quite interesting. Left-handed grandmothers who knit and who are Green Bay Packers fans? There’s a niche (and a blog and maybe even a product) for that.

So when we asked ourselves what our “niche” was supposed to be, we honestly couldn’t come up with one right away. We don’t claim to be experts about food, although Michael is a trained Natural Chef through Bauman College and Kathy is a trained medical assistant. We do have experience in what a lifetime of eating can do to your body: Michael has Type 2 diabetes, while Kathy has collagenous colitis. And we both have the other thing that everyone who blogs, markets, or does social media has to have: Passion. A passion for eating.

We still love to eat, because of the joy we get from eating something delicious. That’s why we also need to eat well, making sure our choices as healthy and as nourishing as possible. And we must make the commitment to do this at every meal – to eat well always.

Eat. Well. Always. That’s our tagline, our motto, our credo, our mission statement. And that’s how we found our niche:

People who believe “Eat. Well. Always.” is their motto, their credo, their mission statement.

Welcome to the tribe.



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