renewal, part two

In our previous post we talked about renewal of our commitment to newdeal kitchen, and of renewal in our personal lives as we prepare to downsize our living space from two bedrooms to one. During the packing process, we’re experiencing another form of renewal: the renewal of acquaintances with some kitchen stuff we forgot we had (which is easy to do when you have a lot of stuff).

This stuff was hidden in kitchen cabinets and in boxes stored away in our spare bedroom/storage facility, and we are so excited to find it, we are keeping it! (So much for downsizing, right?)

For example…Kathy rediscovered these Chadwick Miller bone dishes imported from Japan. She originally bought them at a local thrift store. Each dish has a different pattern, but all bear the CMI Inc gold seal. (And yes, there are similar sets on sale on Etsy.)

Set of 6 Chadwick Miller Inc. bone dishes
Bone dishes ‘n harmony.

Mike rediscovered two boxes of kitchen supplies related to a private chef career that never got off the ground. In one box was a complete place setting for four, minus the silverware but including napkins and placemats; in the other, miscellaneous gadgets, including Mike’s mise en place bag from his Bauman College days.

But the real rediscovered treasure is a box full of recipes collected by Kathy’s mother, who was quite a fabulous cook in her day, and an even better baker. The highlight of the box is a collection of recipes either handwritten or typed by “Ma” herself, usually on whatever paper was handy—even on personnel forms from JC Penney, where Ma worked part time. There are even written-out menus for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day feasts.

We’ll be sharing more about our newdeal kitchen “renewal”, including some amazing tidbits from Ma’s recipe collection, as the weeks progress. Renew on!