now we are geriatric

Photograph of Kathy and Michael Reardon

Through circumstances not of our control, we have embarked on a new phase in our lives as individuals and as a couple. It all has to do with our health insurance and our doctors.

Mike’s doctor decided to retire and close his practice. At the same time, our health insurance announced it was discontinuing our current coverage plan and transferring us to another HMO. When we received our new insurance cards in the mail, we both had been assigned the same personal care physician (PCP).

(Note: In the U.S., health insurance companies offer HMOs, or Health Management Organizations, as a way to encourage people to take an active part in managing their heath. In an HMO, you must coordinate your medical care through your PCP. OK?)

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that our new personal care physician is a specialist in…geriatrics.

Now, we aren’t old enough to be considered “geriatric”, technically. But our new doctor was accepting patients who are approaching the geriatric years, and our research on him told us he was rated very highly.

So we went to see our new doctor for the first time. The good news is that he can provide a lot of care himself; he looks younger than both of us (so he’s practicing what he’s preaching); and he’s diabetic, which he can relate to Mike’s situation.

Which brings us to why we’re telling you all this—our new doctor reminded us of how important weight control is at our ages, especially with diabetes, and how important diet is to that.

Mike remembered that through his Bauman College training, he learned how to tailor diets for weight and blood sugar control…and wrote receipts for those diets. Hmmm…

So now we are geriatric: let the journey begin!


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