why a kitchen?

So we said in our last (actually first) blog post that we were setting the action of our little love story in the kitchen. Why a kitchen?

A kitchen seemed like the perfect way to describe this enterprise. After all, we’re not talking about restaurants. But, we’re also not talking about yet another food blog with endless recipes blah blah blah. We looked up the dictionary definition of the word “kitchen” and found six different meanings for the word:

  • A place where you prepare your food (and we’re gonna be asking “Where’s your kitchen?” very soon, so get your answers ready).
  • A cuisine; for lack of a better name, we’re calling our cuisine “legacy homestyle with a modern twist”. (Yeah, we’ll explain that better, we promise.)
  • People – both those we serve in a meals and those who may serve us. (Oh, and especially the two people writing this blog.)
  • The things designed for use in a kitchen. They can be as mundane as a whisk, as valuable as a Dutch oven, or as whimsical as a vintage Moo-Cow Creamer dispenser. We call these things “kitchenalia”, and we’ll be sharing some of ours with you.
  • A language of its own. (For example, diner lingo taught us that ordering two poached eggs on toast is translated as “Adam and Eve on a raft.”)
  • Finally and most importantly, a kitchen is about cooking – and we’ll be all about that as well, sharing recipes that we actually don’t call “recipes”. (As well as recipes that we do call “recipes”. Yes, it’s confusing, but hang with us – all will be explained.)

Our philosophy of eating can be summed up in three little words: “Eat. Well. Always.” We’ll talk more about that too. But the kitchen is where we’ll start.



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