all the little things

This past weekend we did something we had not done in a long time: go out on a dinner date. It was something we did more often in the early years of our marriage, before Kathy suffered from collagenous colitis. As time has passed, however, Kathy has been able to expand her diet to the point where we are able to go to Chinese restaurants.

Why? Rice is a staple of these cuisines and is served routinely with meals. Plus, these cuisines cook with healthy fats and feature a lot of steamed items, especially vegetables. For proteins, these cuisines feature the use of lean animal proteins, seafood, and tofu (one of Kathy’s favorites).

We went to our all-time favorite restaurant and we weren’t disappointed: wor won ton soup, sizzling rice seafood soup (with a tomato base!), and iron plate sizzling beef.

At the end of that wonderful meal, there are, of course, fortune cookies. The first fortune was a well-worn proverb. The second, however, was one of the best fortunes ever. It read:

“All the little things will add to a happy journey.”

This fortune is so true and so worth living up to. It’s true because of all the little things we’ve done to get to the point of being able to go out to dinner together without Kathy having a serious flare. It’s worth living up to because at this point of our lives, little things mean so much more to the two of us. We pay attention to them much more closely. We savor them.

To celebrate our first anniversary as a blog, we pledge to share with you in the coming year all the little things that will add to our happy journey to eat well always—so you may savor them as well.

Good fortune to you!


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