Various salt-and-pepper shakers and other kitchenalia on a table

It’s that time of year again…when our domain name and web hosting both need to be renewed. The good news is that we’re sticking around the blogosphere. It was an easy decision to stick around and keep this not-a-food-blog-but-a-love-story thing going.

The harder decision we’ve had to make is to move from our current two-bedroom apartment into a one-bedroom apartment. Yes, we are moving and downsizing at the same time. It’s the right decision for us as we start to stare retirement age in the face. We know we need to get rid of the things we don’t need any more (and the things we didn’t know we thought we needed).

And that includes some kitchen items, including pots and pans and miscellaneous gadgets that were just gathering dust. We are selling stuff, donating stuff, giving stuff to family members.  But we’re not getting rid of the kitchenalia (it even has its own moving box, see?)

Moving box marked "kitchenalia"
A box of kitchenalia, already packed

We’re very excited about this move, as we see it as a chance at…well, renewal. By downsizing our possessions, we’re honing in on what we feel is really important at this point of our lives, and we’re renewing our commitment to those important things. One of those important things is newdeal kitchen. With this move into a new kitchen, we are renewing our commitment to share our love of food and of eating (and of kitchenalia!) with all of you.

So, that question we like to ask—“Where’s your kitchen?”—takes on a whole new meaning. As we progress through this journey to our new living space, we invite you to join along and watch as we take newdeal kitchen to a new location.

Where’s our kitchen? Watch this space…it’ll be here soon.


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