renewal, part three point two: here’s our kitchenalia

Photo of several toy items in a window sill

Yesterday we took you on a quick tour of our new kitchen as part of our “renewal” series of posts. Today we’ll take you on another quick tour…of our kitchenalia. As you may have recalled from our previous posts, our collection of kitchenalia had its own box…and it included a surprise: a set of Chadwick Miller bone dishes in very good shape.

In our old kitchen, we had haphazardly displayed some of our kitchenalia on our walls and scattered about the kitchen. In this new kitchen, Kathy decided to put our kitchenalia all in one place: the butcher block that a woodworker friend sold to her many years ago. The top of the block is the perfect display stage for this stuff, while mounted on a nearby wall is our antique spice rack, a thrift-store find complete with its own antique spices.

In the kitchen itself, Mike arranged our collection of kitchen magnets on the refrigerator in a thematic way; and on our windowsill, we placed our collection of solar friends who greet the sunlight each day with their happy little dances. (We were able to put our glassware kitchenalia in the glassed-in cupboard we told you about in yesterday’s post.)

As a result, this kitchen feels like “home” more than our old kitchen ever did. Even though it’s smaller, it’s more modern and a lot easier to keep clean (dishwasher, we’re looking at you). We’ve already entertained family members and friends here, and we’re not gonna stop. It’s upwards and onwards for newdeal kitchen, and we are very excited about our future.

Tomorrow we’ll talk a little bit more about the future of newdeal kitchen, and how this sense of “renewal” will continue for quite some time. 


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