renewal, part three point one: here’s our kitchen

Various items on a kitchen counter

We’ve been busy the last few months trying to put our new kitchen together. You may remember from our previous “renewal” posts that we were moving from a two-bedroom apartment to a one-bedroom. During the moving process, we reconnected with some kitchenalia, rediscovered the treasure trove of Kathy’s mom’s original recipes, and struggled with downsizing our kitchen supplies.

It turned out that downsizing, while painful, was the right idea. You may remember our previous kitchen: while being small, it had a lot of cupboard space. Not so much with our new kitchen: the cupboards are narrow but deep, making it a challenge to store wide items such as colanders as well as…silverware. We haven’t yet found a permanent solution to organizing our knives, forks, and spoons; right now they reside in one joyous dog pile in a drawer.

However, the cupboards feature something delightfully unexpected: Glass doors for the center cupboard over the sink. This design feature allowed us to keep a lot of “collectible” glassware that we were thinking of getting rid of. 

And there’s a lot more to be said about our new kitchen. The countertops are a faux marble, but nice looking and very easy to clean. The stove and oven, while electric instead of gas, heats up quickly and works very well. But the most pleasant surprises are the dishwasher and the garbage disposal!

The overall footprint of our new kitchen is much smaller than the old one, so we’ve had to utilize space outside the kitchen proper. The microwave stand our former neighbors gave us serves as a combination storage area/food library.  Plus we’ve set up our rolling butcher block as our “kitchenalia” table (more on that tomorrow).

Here’s our kitchen—and the sense of renewal it inspires.  Where’s your kitchen?


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