the cookie diaries, day eight

The story so far: Now that Mike has come up with a vegan, gluten-free version of his holiday cookie receipt, it’s time to start making cookies with his traditional holiday receipt. We’re talking a lot of cookies…like 41, to be exact. Today in the cookie diaries: Traditional Batches #01 and #02.

Mike has baked these cookies and given them out as holiday presents for several years, and his mission this time is to make enough cookies to send back to family members in the Midwest. The traditional receipt is based on an old sugar cookie recipe, but with significant changes.

(Don’t forget…if you’ve been following along with our cookie diaries, your reward will come on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, when we reveal Mike’s holiday cookie receipts!)

Baking this first batch was pretty much like getting back on a bicycle after a long time away. Plus, working on the vegan, gluten-free receipt got Mike up to speed on the basic procedure, which is pretty much the same for both receipts.

The only real drama in the batch came when Mike applied a new brand of red sugar sprinkles to the top of the cookies before putting them into the oven; they seemed to bounce off of the dough and all over the cookie sheet.

Mike knew he was back on familiar ground when he began to smell that old aroma…that smell of love, of comfort, of home. Of the holidays.

Out of the oven, the new red sprinkles looked (and tasted) great.

Mike’s using a slighly smaller ice-cream scoop for the traditional cookies, so the yield is somewhat greater: Traditional Batch #01 was 20 cookies; Traditional Batch #02 was 21. More than enough to send back home.

Now it’s full production mode: a batch or even two every day until Christmas. Good times.




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