the cookie diaries, day one

With the holiday season in full effect, it’s time in our kitchen to start making cookies. For years now, Mike has taken an old sugar cookie receipt, changed the procedure completely, added a couple of new ingredients, and ho ho ho—a holiday tradition was born.

This year, Mike’s mission is to create a vegan, gluten-free holiday cookie that emulates his original receipt as close as possible while using all vegan, gluten-free, holistic ingredients. It’s a project that has proceeded in fits and starts over the years, and it was inspired both by Mike’s Natural Chef training and by the consequences of Kathy’s collagenous colitis. Now Mike has a co-worker in his day job who has become a vegan, so the time has come to shower some holiday cookie love over our vegan/gluten-free/holistic friends.

We expect to be baking at least one batch of cookies every day until Christmas comes. With that in mind, we’d thought it would be fun to keep a running diary of how the process is going. Mike started to do this last year, but only managed one entry. However, it was a pretty cool entry:

“Standard recipe, except for toasted almonds & no red sprinkles. Correction: red sprinkles found! Apparently, we are also awash in vanilla extract. The guides on the silicon baking sheets I’m using are perfect for making uniform-sized cookies. Twelve in the oven, with dough for more…


“Using the traditional ice-cream scoop yields 18 ‘good’ cookies.

“Oops…baked them at 350º instead of 375º—no wonder they took longer to bake!”

You get the idea. And as a holiday present to our patient readers, we’ll reveal both of our holiday cookie receipts on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!


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