how we cook rice

Rice is a staple in our kitchen, especially for Kathy, who relies on rice as one of the few starches in her diet (collagenous colitis is no fan of fiber). So we have to keep up a supply of cooked rice. We grew tired very quickly of cooking rice in a pot: the results didn’t last very long, and were inconsistent in quality—that due to us smershing together every rice recipe the two of us had ever heard of and trying to improvise a result.

Then we heard that some folks use their slow cooker to make their rice. We did some experimenting and actually came up with a reliable recipe we could use every time. It would take an hour and a half to cook, but at end of it, we would wind up with restaurant-quality sticky rice.

And then we broke the slow cooker. Mike put the ceramic part in a precarious location in the refrigerator; when Kathy opened the door, the ceramic part slid out and onto the floor, breaking it.

Naturally, we wondered how we were going to cook our rice. We took to the Interwebs with the magical phrase “how to cook rice”, and found this amazing recipe and video on the Real Simple website . We followed the instructions and were rewarded with perfectly cooked rice.

But we still had to get another slow cooker, and we did: a six-quart monster with recipes that would feed an army. We repeated our ingredients and procedure from the previous slow cooker (which was smaller) and we were quite happy with the results. We think we’re going to increase the amount of water a bit, because some of the rice on the edges looked overcooked, but otherwise we now have two reliable ways to cook rice.


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