the power of an apron

Some of the most profound things come out of the some of the most simplest things. Take an apron, for example. For some cooks, it’s a necessary piece of equipment. For others, it just gets in the way of what they’re doing.

For us, an apron is a profound symbol of the life Kathy and I chose together, from the very beginning of our marriage. As one of the two wedding shower gifts we received from Kathy’s friends and co-workers almost ten years ago, the apron represents everything that newdeal kitchen stands for: a passion for eating well always, and a desire to share that passion (and our food) with others.

So we believe there is something to an apron…a power, let’s call it, to transform others. The apron is an invitation to work, to join in with others to make things right and share them with others.

This power is not limited to the kitchen. Kathy works part-time for a major retailer, and as part of the job, everyone is required to wear aprons with the retailer’s logo. For some folks, it’s definitely a burden to wear; and for those folks, the power of an apron holds little interest.

But for one of Kathy’s co-workers, the power of an apron was everything. One day Kathy lent an extra apron to this young lady. A couple of weeks later, an envelope was left at Kathy’s work table. Inside it was a card from the co-worker, who had just left the company.

The note in the card began: “Thank you for the apron. It was my most valuable piece of equipment….” And it ended with these words:

“[A]n apron is essential and you are very kind.”

In nine words: the power of an apron.