here’s our kitchen

One of the questions we’ll be asking in this blog is “Where’s your kitchen?” We want to know where and how you store, prepare, and eat your food, and we’ll share with you how to do that soon. But, to be fair, we felt it necessary to show you our kitchen. It’s a big small…in fact, it’s very small. And there’s virtually no counter space, as you will see. But it’s the laboratory for our food experiments, and the place we display our cool kitchenalia. So without any further ado…here’s our kitchen.

Behind this door is…our furnace. And some extra storage.
Sometimes our refrigerator has more magnets than food…
That box on top of the refrigerator to the right? That’s the original recipe box Kathy and Michael received as a wedding gift.
One-third of our available counter space. This is our “spice corner”.
Our gas stove, all gussied up and looking pretty. (That didn’t last long.)
The other one-third of our counter space.
There’s always room in our kitchen for faraway places.
One-third of our available counter space. This is next to the sink.
Our DIY backsplash. (We’d show you the sink, but there were dishes in it. There are always dishes in our sink.)
We extend our very limited counter space by using this butcher block, which was built specifically for Kathy many years ago.

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