the story of Rosie Posie

Adoption website photo of Rosie Posie
Photo by Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

After several years of not having a pet, we decided to fulfill a dream and adopt a dog. We started looking on various websites; then one day, Kathy found a dog on the Peace of Mind Dog Rescue website. She showed a photo of the dog to Michael, who immediately said, “That’s the one!” That’s when we decided to try to adopt a cute little chihuahua named Rosie Posie.

It wasn’t easy: We had to fill out an application and go through a real-time walkthrough of our apartment (with a lawyer, no less!) to make sure our everything was right, but we were able to get our Rosie Posie!

Photo of Kathy, Michael, and Rosie in San Francisco
Photo by Mike and Kathy Reardon

There was a problem, however. Shortly after applying for Rosie, we discovered that she had a serious medical issue: The tear duct on her left eye wasn’t working, resulting in a chronic dry-eye condition that was blurring Rosie’s vision and damaging her cornea. We applied ointments and drops to Rosie’s eye, up to 10 times a day, for six months.

Then, during one of Rosie’s visits to the doggie eye doctor, Kathy got a first-hand look of how much damage had been done and how much pain Rosie was in. After consulting with the doctor, we decided to have Rosie’s left eye removed.

Photo of Rosie recovering from her eye operation
Photo by Mike and Kathy Reardon

The doctor believes that Rosie was born with the chronic dry-eye, which meant that removing the eye would be a enormous source of relief for Rosie. And indeed it has been! Her energy and her happiness have increased, and she seems to be enjoying her life with us more than ever.

As for us–we’re blessed. Rosie Posie is the gift we were hoping for, a gift that would uplift any holiday season. We are so thankful and grateful to be the parents of this one-eyed wigglebutt who has transformed our lives completely–and the best of Rosie Posie is yet to come!