your last best meal

Here’s a simple question: what meal would you eat if you knew that you could never eat those particular foods ever again (for whatever reason)?

For example, Mike’s last best dinner would be eaten at Fandango, a local restaurant (yes, location of “your last best meal” matters). It would most likely be caprese salad, steak frites, and chocolate mousse for dessert.

So we’re talking about your last best meal here. That means there could be more than one, depending upon how many meals you eat in a day. Or, if you tend to graze throughout the day, it could be a collection of your favorite dishes—your perfect day of grazing.

The important thing to remember is that in this exercise, you would not get to eat these foods again. Kathy’s life experience is important here: before her bariatric surgery, she went to Carl’s Jr. and had one last best Six Dollar Burger. She hasn’t had another one since, although she talks about eating that last best burger to this day.

Now that you’ve got the idea of this exercise, here are the parameters of our question in more detail.

What meal would you eat if you knew you could never eat this meal again (for whatever reason)? This meal could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or you could have a “last best meal” of each—your choice). Dinner can include a dessert. If you don’t eat specific meals (you graze, for example, or eat specific amounts at specific times), choose a “last best day of foods”.

Setting of the meal should be important—is it at home, in a restaurant, outdoors? Are you with loved ones? Is there music? Are you at a table?

What is your “last best meal”? Let us know in the comments.