what about that apron?

You may remember that besides the recipe box full of recipes, Michael and Kathy received another wedding gift  – an apron with a customized graphic:

Detail of newdeal apron
Washington and Jefferson look very uncomfortable. (And yes, that is Michael’s DMV photo.)

We’ve used these aprons over the years, and washed and rewashed them until the ink has begun to wear off. We have other aprons as well, but we always seem to gravitate back to these green aprons with the goofy graphic.

For us, the kitchen has always been a place of joy, of peace, of kindness, and of creativity, where we get to use fun and fantastic tools like these goofy green aprons to create, serve, and store our food.

There’s a word for those tools: kitchenalia. In a previous post, we defined “kitchenalia” as “things designed for use in a kitchen. They can be as mundane as a whisk, as valuable as a Dutch oven, or as whimsical as a vintage Moo-Cow Creamer dispenser.” We’re collectors of whimsical kitchenalia and enthusiastic users of the mundane and valuable types, and we’ll be sharing some of our favorite items in this blog.

Back to the apron for a minute. When thinking about what to do for this blog, we wondered how to honor the gift of the apron. After all, we had hit upon using the gift of the recipe box full of recipes to create and share receipts – our healthy remakes of the recipes in the box. What could we do that would honor the apron in the same way?

Then it came to us: create our own aprons. They can be as mundane, as valuable, and as whimsical as any other piece of kitchenalia. So keep an eye out for our newdeal kitchen aprons – coming soon.

Washington and Jefferson would be proud.