the new rules of food

When we started this blog, we couldn’t have imagined the changes that would take place to us and to society as a whole. While our purpose hasn’t changed—we’re still in love with food, and we’re still here to tell that story—everything else has changed, and quickly at that.

Take Kathy, for example. Ever since newdeal kitchen began, we have been laboring under the assumption that she had collagenous colitis. What led us to that assumption? The original diagnosis given to Kathy by her GI specialist at the time, based on tissue samples taken from a colonoscopy/endoscopy.

It turns out that diagnosis was completely wrong; based on the results of procedures Kathy just underwent, Kathy’s new GI specialist has determined that she does not have collagenous colitis.

It’s just IBS, folks. 

There are big changes with Mike as well. A couple of years ago, he determined to change his eating habits to more closely align to the Eating for Health model taught at Bauman College. (Practice what you preach, right?) As a result, he’s lost over 20 pounds (which he’s kept off), and his blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure are at manageable levels. Bauman College itself is changing, with a new emphasis on distance learning, health coaching, and affordable nutrition.

Finally, there are the tremendous changes in society wrought by the emergence of COVID-19. The experience of enjoying food with friends has been pretty much eliminated. Shelter-in-place orders and social distancing make shopping for food a surreal, almost anxiety-producing experience. (Been to a farmers’ market lately? It’s like watching chess pieces on a chess board.)

So the rules of food have changed. But we’re still here, and our goal is to figure them out and share them with you. We’ve got time, right?