Photograph of Kathy and Michael Reardon
Kathy and Michael Reardon, otherwise known as “Team Love”.

Kathy and Michael Dean Reardon are the “aging hippies” responsible for newdeal kitchen, a chronicle of their love affair with food, both together and separately. They were married in 2008, and they currently live a pleasant walk to the ocean in Marina, California.

Named for the wording of a customized apron received as a wedding shower gift, newdeal kitchen features recipes (which they call “receipts”) adapted from another wedding shower gift: a wooden box full of customized recipe cards, filled in with recipes from friends and co-workers.

newdeal kitchen also features a look at “kitchenalia” – the items we use to prepare, serve, and store food, as well as “where’s your kitchen?” – an attempt to build community by asking followers to describe and show where they prepare their food.

Finally, newdeal kitchen encourages healthy, fun eating at home. We’re taking a practical, realistic approach to eating a healthy diet that’s based on our dietary needs, while having the occasional splurge as well. To that end, we’ve adopted as our motto three little words: Eat. Well. Always.

Follow along with us as write our love story about food.

~ Kathy and Michael


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